Four Attractions To Get You Started During Your Denver Vacation

Prepare to find out about some places you could stop by as you make your way to Denver CO. If you’re already in the city, then you just have to decide when you’re going to hop on over and enjoy these great things to do. There are many natural attractions, all kinds of great entertainment and historical places of interest in Denver. The following are four great ideas for things to do in Denver CO.

Have you ever been to an art museum? The Denver Art Museum is definitely one of a kind, and it has a lot of Native American art. Its location is on 13th Avenue, and you will find it right in the middle of Bannock and Broadway. Not only is the Denver Art Museum known for Native American art, but it’s also known for its Asian art. The major Asian art collection there at the museum is the only one of its kind in that area. Just wait until you see the collection of art at this museum.

The Air & Space Museum known as ‘Wings Over The Rockies’ is a great place to visit, too. The location for this museum is 7711 East Academy Boulevard. This museum was founded in 1994, and there are more than 50 aircraft at the facility. Plus you get to enjoy the flight simulator as well. There are Star Wars props at this museum, and you will really have a great time looking around.

How does a visit to the Downtown Aquarium sound to you? It would make for a great family outing. You will find that the aquarium is divided into two sections, one representing the Indonesian River and the other representing the Colorado River. You and your family get to see all the sharks and other sea creatures, and you can even feed the stingrays. Believe it or not, there is even a Tiger exhibit at the Denver Aquarium.

While in Denver, you might also want to make your way to Larimer Square. Larimer Square is located at 1430 Larimer Street, and it is downtown Denver. You can get all kinds of shopping done there. You might as well make your way around downtown Denver and see other attractions in the area, too. You will get a great start by enjoying the things to do listed here. Explore The Wall Street of the West, and be sure to take pictures and get souvenirs along the way.