Four Of The Most Interesting Things To Do In Denver Colorado

Welcome to the South Platte River Valley, and of course the Rocky Mountains. You are in Denver CO, or you will be soon. Traveling Denver is so much fun, and you’re going to enjoy your trip. You want to make sure you visit the downtown Denver area, as there are all kinds of things to do there. Venture out into the other parts of the city though, too. These top recommended attractions are going to show you a good time in Denver, Colorado.

B’s Ballpark Museum is a major attraction that baseball fans would enjoy for sure. If you’re a baseball fan, or if you are just interested in checking out this great collection, head on over to 1940 Blake Street. There are signed baseballs, stadium seats, photographs and much more at B’s Ballpark Museum. You will find memorabilia from ballparks that aren’t around anymore according to reviews. That’s baseball history for sure.

Another top place to visit is Sloan’s Lake Park, and it is located at 1700 North Sheridan Boulevard. Enjoy the paved walking path and the beautiful mountain views. According to reviews, there is a Dragon Boat Festival held there that is quite the draw. Sloan’s Lake Park is also a great place for boating, bird watching and fishing. Not to mention, people talk about enjoying picnics there, too. Don’t you just love a relaxing picnic?

The Denver Cat Company is a really unique place. You get to hang out with cats that live there, and if you are looking to adopt one, you can. It’s a really cool cafe. You go there and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and hang out with cats and the locals. There are books and games there, too, and there are also art classes you can take. It’s a place that you’re going to have to see to believe, and it sounds like a really fun place to visit.

Do you like amusement parks? Lakeside Amusement Park is a great spot to visit, and it is family owned. That is a very unique characteristic because most amusement parks these days aren’t family owned. Hop on over to 4601 Sheridan Boulevard and enjoy all the rides, including a wooden rollercoaster. Reviews point to the fact that Rocky Mountain Park is right across the street, too.

You have an amusement park, a more traditional park, a cat cafe and a baseball museum to check out when you get to Denver. That’s about as diverse as it gets when it comes to things to do. That being said, these attractions are just the beginning, and you will find that out soon enough.